Trek Checkpoint ALR 5 Review

Trek Checkpoint ALR 5 Review In 2023

Trek Checkpoint ALR 5 Review In 2023

Trek Checkpoint ALR 5 Review

Are you an hungry cyclist in search of the perfect gravel bike that strikes a balance between performance and versatility? Look no further than the Trek Checkpoint ALR 5 review will clear your mind.

This gravel bike has been making waves in the cycling community for its confident capabilities and high-quality components. In this comprehensive review, we’ll explain into the essential functions and specifications that make the Trek Checkpoint ALR 5 a standout option.

1. How Much Does the Trek Checkpoint ALR 5 Weigh?

When it comes to cycling, weight can play a significant role in determining your overall riding experience. The 2023 Trek Checkpoint ALR 5 weighs 21.5 lbs. It is known for its lightweight aluminum frame, boasts a weight that’s both nimble and manageable.

2. How Many Gears Does the Trek Checkpoint ALR 5 Have?

Navigating various terrains requires a reliable gearing system, the Trek Checkpoint ALR 5 doesn’t disappoint. This gravel bike is equipped with a sophisticated gearing setup that ensures smooth transitions between gears.

The bike features a Shimano GRX RX600 11-speed shifter for smooth gear changes. It has a 46/30 tooth crankset with a 175mm crank length, available in sizes 58 and 61.

The bottom bracket is a Praxis T47 threaded one with internal bearings. The cassette is a Shimano 105 HG700-11 with an 11-34 tooth configuration, and the bike utilizes a Shimano HG601 11-speed chain for reliable power transmission.

3. Is the Trek Checkpoint ALR 5 Good for Touring?

If you’re an adventure enthusiast with a passion for long journeys, the Trek Checkpoint ALR 5 could be your ideal companion. This versatile gravel bike comes with features that make it well-suited for touring.

To learn more about the key features to look for in a touring bike, take a look at the insights provided in the article “Key Features to Look for in a Touring Bike.”

4.  How Much Weight Can the Trek ALR 5 Hold?

The Trek Checkpoint bike is designed to support a maximum total weight limit, which includes the combined weight of the bicycle itself, the rider, and any additional cargo or equipment carried.

This limit is set at 275 pounds or approximately 125 kilograms. This means that the total weight of the rider, the bike, and any items being carried should not exceed this specified limit in order to ensure safe and optimal performance of the bike during use.

Trek Checkpoint ALR 5 Review Features 

The Trek Checkpoint ALR 5 has gained substantial recognition in the cycling world for its exceptional features and specifications, making it a preferred choice for enthusiasts seeking a high-performing gravel bike. Let’s delve into the details, drawing insights from authoritative reviews:

Lightweight Aluminum Frame

The ALR 5 features a lightweight aluminum frame that strikes a balance between durability and weight. This ensures a responsive ride while tackling diverse terrains.

Carbon Fork

Trek Checkpoint ALR 5 carbon fork

The bike is equipped with a carbon fork that enhances shock absorption and contributes to a smoother ride. This feature is particularly advantageous when conquering rough gravel paths.

Versatile Gearing

With a 1×11 Shimano GRX drivetrain, the ALR 5 offers a wide range of gears suitable for both climbing and high-speed descents. This gearing setup ensures optimal performance across various landscapes.

Tire Clearance

The bike’s ample tire clearance allows riders to install wider tires, providing improved traction and stability on challenging surfaces.

Mounts for Accessories

The ALR 5 comes with multiple mounts for racks, fenders, and additional accessories. This feature makes it adaptable for bikepacking or long-distance touring.

Trek Checkpoint ALR 5 carbon fork Mounts Accessories

Endurance Comfort

The IsoSpeed decoupler and comfortable geometry contribute to reduced fatigue during long rides, making the ALR 5 a suitable choice for endurance cycling.

Confident Braking

Trek Checkpoint ALR 5 braking

The bike has top-tier braking parts (like disc brakes) meant to provide steady and efficient stopping power. This matters a lot for off-road or ever-changing terrain rides where road conditions might not be perfect. This aspect can boost riders’ self-assurance in handling their bike and responding safely to unforeseen events.

Trek Checkpoint ALR 5 Review Specifications 

Hydraulic disc brakes provide reliable stopping power, even in wet or muddy conditions, enhancing overall safety during rides.

Trek Checkpoint ALR 5 Review Specifications 

Gravel-Specific Geometry

The bike’s geometry is optimized for gravel riding, ensuring stability and comfort over extended journeys on mixed terrains.

IsoSpeed Decoupler

The rear IsoSpeed decoupler enhances comfort by absorbing vibrations and impacts from rough surfaces, resulting in a smoother ride.

Durable Wheelset

The ALR 5 boasts a robust wheelset designed to withstand the demands of gravel riding, further enhancing its reliability during off-road adventures.

Tubeless-Ready Setup

The tubeless-ready wheel and tire setup reduces the risk of flats and provides improved grip on loose surfaces, enhancing overall performance.

Internal Cable Routing

Internal cable routing not only lends the bike a clean and streamlined appearance but also protects cables from dirt and debris.

Frame Technology

The review highlights the Alpha Aluminum frame construction, showcasing Trek’s commitment to crafting durable and lightweight frames that excel in various conditions.

Smooth-Shifting Drivetrain

The Shimano GRX drivetrain offers precise and smooth shifting, ensuring a seamless transition between gears for an optimal riding experience.

All-Terrain Capability

The bike’s wide tire clearance and robust wheelset enable it to tackle a wide range of terrains, from gravel roads to backcountry trails.

Size Chart for the Trek Checkpoint ALR 5

Here’s the size chart for the Trek Checkpoint ALR 5 based on rider height and inseam length.

Size Chart for the Trek Checkpoint ALR 5
SizeRider HeightInseam
49156 – 163 cm74 – 77 cm
52163 – 168 cm76 – 79 cm
54168 – 174 cm78 – 82 cm
56174 – 180 cm81 – 85 cm
58180 – 185 cm84 – 87 cm
61185 – 191 cm86 – 90 cm

Please note that these measurements are provided as a general guide. Individual proportions and riding preferences can influence the ideal bike size. Always consider doing a test ride or consulting with a professional bike fitter to ensure the perfect fit for your comfort and performance.


In conclusion, the Trek Checkpoint ALR 5 boasts a host of features and specifications that cater to gravel enthusiasts seeking a versatile and high-performing bike.

From its lightweight frame and versatile gearing to its accessory integration and endurance-oriented design, the ALR 5 excels in various aspects, making it an attractive option for riders seeking exploration and adventure.

As you consider the Trek Checkpoint ALR 5 for your cycling endeavors, remember to consult these comprehensive reviews for detailed insights into its features and capabilities:

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