Giant Talon 4 Review 

Best Giant Talon 4 Review In 2023

Best Giant Talon 4 Review 

Giant Talon 4 Review 

Giant Talon 4 review, When it comes to choosing a reliable and versatile mountain bike, the Giant Talon 4 often finds its way into discussions. In this review, we’ll explore whether the Talon 4 lives up to its reputation, how it differs from its predecessor, and delve into its specifications and unique features.

Is the Giant Talon 4 a Good Bike?

One of the first questions that potential buyers often ask is whether the Giant Talon 4 is a worthwhile investment. This hardtail mountain bike has garnered attention for its balance of affordability and performance. Best Bike Select’s review highlights its solid frame construction and suitable components for entry-level and intermediate riders. The Apex Adventurer’s take on the Talon 4 can be found here, providing a comprehensive perspective on its capabilities.

What is the Differences Between the Giant Talon 3 and Talon 4.

To truly understand what sets the Giant Talon 4 apart, it’s essential to compare it to its predecessor, the Talon 3. While both models share certain features, such as the durable ALUXX-grade aluminum frame, the Talon 4 introduces subtle enhancements that contribute to a more refined riding experience. These differences could include upgraded drivetrain components, improved suspension systems, and advanced braking mechanisms.

How heavy is the Giant Talon 4?

The weight of a Giant Talon 4 mountain bike can vary depending on factors like the frame size and any modifications or accessories that are added. The weight you provided, 14.84 kg, seems to be in the typical range for a 29″ wheel Giant Talon 4. Keep in mind that bike weights can fluctuate slightly due to manufacturing tolerances and other variables.

How many gears does the Giant Talon 4 have?

Another key aspect that enthusiasts often evaluate is the number of gears a bike offers. The Giant Talon 4, typically comes equipped with a range of gears that contribute to versatile performance on various terrains. With multiple gears at your disposal, conquering steep ascents and powering through flat trails becomes more manageable.

Giant Talon 4 is a mountain bike model that typically comes with a 2x drivetrain setup, meaning it has two front chainrings and a certain number of rear cogs in the cassette. The number of speeds refers to the different gear combinations that can be achieved by combining the front and rear gears.

For example, a 2×8 setup would mean 2 front chainrings and 8 rear cogs, resulting in 16 possible gear combinations. However, manufacturers can release new models of 2023.

Differences Between the Giant Talon 3 and Talon 4

The differences between the Giant Talon 3 and Talon 4 can be a visually effective way to convey the information.

What is the Differences Between the Giant Talon 3 and Talon 4.

Here’s a textual comparison that you can use as a basis for creating a chart:

FeatureGiant Talon 3Giant Talon 4
FrameALUXX-grade aluminum frameALUXX-grade aluminum frame
Drivetrain ComponentsStandard drivetrain componentsUpgraded drivetrain components (e.g.
  higher-quality derailleurs)
Suspension SystemBasic front suspension forkImproved front suspension system for
  smoother off-road performance
Brake MechanismStandard mechanical disc brakesEnhanced braking system (e.g. hydraulic
  disc brakes for better stopping power)
Gear RangeModerate range of gearsVersatile range of gears for various
  terrains and riding conditions
Additional FeaturesBasic components for entry-level ridersAdditional features like ergonomic
  grips, saddle, or handlebars for enhanced

If you are interested in purchasing a Giant Talon 4 bicycle, it’s recommended to visit the official website of Giant Bicycle for more detailed information about the product, its features, specifications, pricing, and availability

Specifications and Features of the Giant Talon 4

These functions provides a detailed breakdown of the specifications and features of the Giant Talon 4 mountain bike, highlighting differences in various aspects. Let’s go through each section to understand the information being presented:


  • The bike comes in two different wheel sizes: 27.5 inches and 29 inches.
  • Size options for each wheel size: 27.5 inches (XS, S, M, L) and 29 inches (S, M, L, XL).


  • The available color options for the bike are “Metallic Black” and “Metal.”


  • The frame material is ALUXX-Grade Aluminum.
  • The frame features disc brake mounts.


  • The front suspension fork is an SR Suntour XCE with a steel steerer.
  • Fork travel varies: XS size has 80mm travel (27.5), S size has 80mm travel (27.5) or 100mm travel (29).


  • The handlebar model is Giant Connect Trail with a 31.8mm diameter.
  • Handlebar width varies based on size and wheel size.


  • The bike is equipped with Giant Sole-O grips.


  • The stem model is Giant Sport with a 7-degree angle.
  • Stem length varies based on size and wheel size.


  • The seatpost model is Giant Sport with a 30.9mm diameter.
  • Seatpost length varies based on size and wheel size.


  • The bike comes with a custom Giant saddle.


  • The pedals are MTB caged pedals.


  • The bike is equipped with microSHIFT SL-M718 shifters, offering an 1×8 gear setup.

Front Derailleur

  • There is no front derailleur, indicating a 1x (single front chainring) setup.

Rear Derailleur

  • The rear derailleur is microSHIFT RD-M619.


  • The brake model is TKB-172, mechanical.
  • Brake rotor sizes: Front rotor is 160mm, Rear rotor is 160mm.

Brake Levers

  • The brake levers are RS360A, mechanical.


  • The cassette model is microSHIFT CS-H083, with a gear range of 12-46.


  • The bike is equipped with a KMC 8.3 chain.


  • The crankset model is ProWheel A10XPP.
  • Chainring sizes vary based on wheel size.
  • Crank arm lengths vary based on size.

Bottom Bracket

  • The bottom bracket type is cartridge.


  • The rims are Giant GX03V, made of alloy, and have a double-wall design with a 21mm inner width.


  • The hubs are alloy and feature ball bearings.


  • The spokes are stainless steel and have a 14g thickness.


  • The bike comes with Kenda Booster tires, available in either 27.5×2.2″ or 29×2.2″, with a wire bead.


  • The bike accommodates tires up to a maximum size of 2.4″.


  • The most accurate way to determine the bike’s weight is by having your local dealer weigh it, as weight can vary based on factors like size and accessories.

This chart provides a comprehensive overview of the Giant Talon 4’s specifications and features, allowing potential buyers to understand the bike’s components and capabilities in detail.

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In conclusion, the Giant Talon 4 presents itself as a contender for those seeking a reliable and cost-effective mountain biking experience. Through a comparison with the Talon 3 and a glance at its specifications, it’s clear that the Talon 4 is designed to offer an enjoyable ride for entry-level and intermediate riders alike.

Whether you’re drawn to its sturdy frame, versatile gear options, or improved components, the Talon 4 proves to be an option worth considering in the world of mountain biking.

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