Co-op DRT 2.1 review

Co-op DRT 2.1 Review Worth Buying or Not

Co-op DRT 2.1 Review

Co-op DRT 2.1 review

Mountain biking enthusiasts, adventure seekers, and trail conquerors, you’re in for a treat. In our comprehensive Co-op DRT 2.1 review, we’re about to take you on a journey through the world of this remarkable mountain bike.

When it comes to choosing the perfect ride for your off-road escapades, a mountain bike should not only withstand the rugged terrain but also provide an exhilarating experience.

The Co-op DRT 2.1, brought to you by the trusted Co-op brand, promises just that – a thrilling ride backed by quality and versatility.

Join us as we dissect the features, dissect the performance, and unveil the overall value of the Co-op DRT 2.1.

Whether you’re a seasoned rider seeking an upgrade or a newcomer ready to embrace the trails, this review is your gateway to informed decision-making. It’s time to explore the trails like never before with the Co-op DRT 2.1.

Is Co-op a Good Brand?

Co-op, also known as REI Co-op, is a respected brand in the outdoor and recreational industry. It is known for its commitment to producing high-quality outdoor gear and equipment designed to meet the demands of outdoor enthusiasts.

Co-op places a strong emphasis on sustainability and eco-friendly practices, actively working to minimize its environmental impact.

As a co-operative owned by outdoor enthusiasts, Co-op maintains a customer-centric approach, valuing member feedback and satisfaction.

This combination of quality, sustainability, and customer focus has contributed to Co-op’s reputation as a trusted and reliable brand in the outdoor industry.

Is Co-op DRT 2.1 a Good Mountain Bike? 

The Co-op DRT 2.1 is a good mountain bike known for its quality components, including Shimano drivetrain and hydraulic disc brakes.

It offers versatile features like a 120mm front suspension with lockout, excellent traction with 27.5 plus tires, and compatibility for upgrades.

With additional benefits such as tubeless-ready wheels, fender and rack compatibility, and Coast to Coast Support, it’s a reliable choice for a variety of riders and terrains.

Key Features 

Key Features Co-op Cycles DRT 1.2 Bike

Certainly, let’s provide a concise overview of the key features of the Co-op DRT 2.1 mountain bike

Shimano SLX Drivetrain

The bike boasts a 1 x 11 Shimano SLX drivetrain, eliminating the front derailleur. This design streamlines shifting, reduces overall weight, and ensures swift gear changes.

Front Suspension

Featuring 120mm of travel and a remote lockout, the front suspension enables quick fork locking for efficient climbing.

Traction and Handling

The 27.5 plus tires provide ample traction, improving handling and delivering a smoother ride even on rough terrain.


Internal cable routing is prepared for a dropper post upgrade, and the bike can accommodate 29″ wheels (sold separately) for a cross-country feel.

Tubeless-Ready Wheels

The wheels are set up for a tubeless tire system, reducing the risk of flats and enhancing ride quality.

Braking Performance

Shimano hydraulic disc brakes deliver reliable stopping power in various conditions, whether you’re on or off-road.


Designed for versatility, the DRT 2.1 is full-fender and rack compatible, making it suitable for bikepacking adventures and gear transport.

Added Rigidity

The bike features front and rear thru-axles, providing added rigidity and stability, especially on challenging terrain.

These features collectively make the Co-op DRT 2.1 a compelling choice for mountain biking enthusiasts seeking a bike with reliable performance and adaptability.

Technical Specifications

Certainly, let’s provide a concise explanation of the technical specifications of the Co-op DRT 2.1 mountain bike.

Frame Material

The frame of the Co-op DRT 2.1 is constructed using high-quality materials designed for durability and performance.

The specific material may vary, so it’s important to check the manufacturer’s details for the latest information.


The bike is equipped with a 1 x 11 Shimano SLX drivetrain. This configuration eliminates the need for a front derailleur, simplifying gear changes and reducing the overall weight of the bike.

Rear Derailleur

The Shimano SLX Shadow Plus clutch-style rear derailleur is a notable component of this bike. It minimizes chain slap, which can improve the reliability of gear shifts, especially on rough terrain.

Tire Size

Equipped with 27.5 plus tires, this bike offers excellent traction, enhancing handling and ride comfort, even on challenging and rough trails.


The bike is ready for upgrades, with internal cable routing designed to accommodate a dropper post. It can also be configured with 29″ wheels for a cross-country riding experience (29″ wheels sold separately).

Fender and Rack Compatibility

The bike is full-fender and rack compatible, making it suitable for bikepacking adventures and allowing you to carry gear with ease.


Front and rear thru-axles provide additional rigidity and stability, particularly when tackling challenging terrain.

Weight Limit

It’s important to note that the bike has a weight limit of 300 lbs. This limit includes the combined weight of the rider and all gear carried on the bike and the rider’s body.

Subject to Change

Specifications and images may be subject to change, so it’s advisable to verify the latest details with the manufacturer or retailer.

These technical specifications make the Co-op DRT 2.1 a versatile and capable mountain bike, suitable for a range of riding conditions and preferences.

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In conclusion, the Co-op DRT 2.1 is a mountain bike designed to impress.

With a robust set of features, reliable components, and the backing of the Co-op brand, it’s a solid choice for riders seeking adventure, whether on rugged trails or cross-country journeys.

Consider the DRT 2.1 for your biking needs, and experience the thrill of the trail with confidence.

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