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This is a list of completed repairs. If your name is not on the list, then it is not completed. We always post completed repairs within 1 hour of completion. Repairs generally take 1-3 days to complete, more complex repairs 3-5 days. If for any reason the job is going to run over our usual timeframe, or we need to discuss an estimate, or your repair, WE WILL CALL YOU.

We have added this feature for your convenience, so you can instantly check on your machine's repair status. Our business is growing rapidly, and at times we understand it is very hard to get through to us via telephone. We truly apologize for this and are attempting to make it easier for you get the information you need. This repair status feature on our website should go a long way in curing this problem. We are attempting to cut down on what constitutes our greatest telephone traffic: customers asking about the status of their repair, often several times in one day! We truly appreciate your business, and we hope you find the above feature helpful. Please let us know what you think!

Lastly, if you can not reach us via telephone, and you MUST speak with us about you repair, please e-mail us with your day and night telephone number. We will ALWAYS return your call, but it may take several hours. Please click here if you need to contact us. Again, thanks for your understanding.

Kenneth R Hueftle
Service Manager

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LAST UPDATED: 08/22/2017 at 10:02PM

Completed 1053Becker, David
Completed 3226Bradfield, Ashley
Completed 1051Ceci, John
Completed 3223Clark
Completed 3182Dietrich, Dale
Completed 1014Ercolani, Dave
Completed 1015Ercolani, Dave
Completed 1016Ercolani, Dave
Completed 1017Ercolani, Dave
Completed 1042Ermillio, David
Completed 1027Fleetwood, Ed
Completed 3136Hunte, Derrick
Completed 3079Jackson, Leroy
Completed 3062Jastrebski, Tom
Completed 3177King, Mike
Completed 3408Loftus, Jim
Completed 3161Lyons, Jason
Completed 3360Matthews, David
Completed 1032Mclaughlin, Matt
Completed 3276Muro
Completed 3509Peter
Completed 1013Raja
Completed 3507Russell, Linneah
Completed 1035Sulpizio, John
Completed 3186Vaughn, Martin
Completed 1047Warrington, Chris
Completed 3256Williams, Brian
Completed 3271Willis, Mike
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